Mono Defined



Now that my trip is so close, I realize I am going to have to spend as much time with family and friends as possible! Once I get on the plane, it’s just me going on this adventure.  No one is coming with me, and yes it seems scary and lonely, but at the same time it’s empowering! I was always scared to be by myself, but then I thought “when will I ever be alone like this again”? For the rest of my life I will be surrounded by friends and family, so I think six months of flying solo will be fine! I’m excited for this experience, of being alone, being mono.

This definition of mono I developed is something I have thought a lot about; not only being alone in terms of my trip but being mono as an individual. Mono is such a strong word if you think about it. Sure it seems simple, mono meaning one, single, lone etc, but when you think it through, it’s everything. Everything in life starts with one and ends with one. We are born as one person, live our one life, and pass as one person. We take our first steps, say our first words and everything in our lives unfolds as we encounter new things. That first experience sets the tone for future encounters. We learn from our own firsts, and it’s those “firsts” that shape us into the person we are. If there were no firsts where would we be?

I started my young adulthood by getting physically and mentally sick (as you all know), but to get over those illnesses I had to look within myself to change, and determine who I want to be and where I want     to go in life. The key to this major breakthrough was me! It wasn’t therapy or medication; ultimately it was me. This is how the ‘mono-meg’ persona came to be! Because of this I am now spreading my wings and flying on my own for my adventure abroad. I wouldn’t have gotten here without this realization. Now I am ready to be by myself and live life to the fullest!



I am advocating this mono concept because I have realized simply that when it comes down to life it is you alone that lives it. Sure you can be influenced by others and have support and love from family friends, but it is up to you to live the life you want, and take charge and be who you want to be. You can’t wait for life to give you something; you have to find it for yourself. And by being your mono self, you encounter all those firsts that life offers you, and develop into the person you are destined to be. So don’t be afraid to be mono, it’s all you have and it’s all you need.




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