“Keep Calm and Travel On” – 15 Travel Quotes that Inspire Me!

“A very wise quote is a spectacular waterfall! When you see it, you feel its power!”
― Mehmet Murat ildan

Who doesn’t love an inspirational quote? They can be charming, insightful, and humorous but what I really enjoy about quotes is that they can help us see the world differently. My mother has recently been sending my sisters and I quotes from various sources, and I have to say it is a great way to start the day! I love to reflect on its meaning and see how it relates to life and how it relates to me.  I find inspirational quotes push me in another direction, and allow me to think about something I have never thought of before or something I never considered. I now love to seek out new quotes and share them with others as my mother does, and by doing so I have come across some travel quotes that are very compelling and are very fitting to my views on travel and adventure!


I feel that this quote is very true. I wouldn’t know as much about the world if I had not traveled and experienced another country and its culture, and I am very grateful to have this knowledge.


I remember back when my friends and I went to Europe on our grade 12 trip. We had visited France and England for three weeks and it was beautiful! However, we were so busy everyday that we didn’t even really take in where we were until we got home and were back to our normal routine! When we were in London we saw a billboard ad for Hollywood and we looked at it like “that looks like a nice place to go”, and then we started laughing because we weren’t realizing we were in an amazing place ourselves…silly silly.

When you travel you can’t believe you are there, and when you get home that feeling is what makes you want to get back out there and travel again! So being somewhere familiar can push you to have adventure!


Yes…the hardest thing for any woman…packing light. But it is true, to travel happily (and comfortably) you must pack light, and I am getting better at this with every trip. I am only taking one suitcase and backpack for my study abroad trip so I think that is pretty good!


I always used to be afraid of the “what ifs” but I had to stop myself from thinking this way. I would rather live a life of “oh wells” than what ifs because I would never have adventure or excitement in my life if I did.


I feel that this quote is definitely me. Sure, I haven’t been everywhere, but I will try my hardest every day to see everything and do everything I can, and take advantage of what life has to offer.


This is very true! I regret the things I don’t do more than the things I did do (FOMO anyone?) So I think it is better to take chances (make mistakes and get messy!!)


I think this is true. Since I will be mono on this trip, I know I will be lost at times (either physically, mentally or spiritually) so I am glad to have ups and downs because it will help me to grow and gain a new perspective and sense of accomplishment and confidence.


Of course travelling means $$ and will make me have debt but I think this experience is worth it. I will have gained much more than I spent.


The old me was the best example of staying in the safe zone, but not anymore! I know that I need to step out of my comfort zone and do something amazing that I will never forget, and by doing so will make me a better person and allow me to see and handle things differently.


This always happens when I go on trips! I am always amazed at the beautiful scenery (even if I have the picture set as my screensaver on my computer). Seeing it in person leaves me speechless and allows me to tell amazing stories to friends and family back home.


I am a guilt feeling person, always have been. When I decided to go on my trip I felt guilty to leave my family, my dog and friends behind, but as my mother always tells me “there is no sorry!”. It is true, guilt is a wasted emotion, so it’s good to live your life and have no regrets and be happy… my friends and family are happy for me.


Yes, it is.














Whenever I am stressed to the max on this adventure whether I’m lost at the train station or cannot find a classroom at my school, I will think these quotes to myself. I just need to stay calm and continue on and know everything will work out eventually.


Even after I am done studying abroad, I will always have that urge to travel and see the rest of the world, so I am not going to quit after this adventure! In the meantime all I am going to do is keep calm and blog on…until next time! : )


One thought on ““Keep Calm and Travel On” – 15 Travel Quotes that Inspire Me!

  1. love the keep calm and study abroad quote!!! perfect!!!

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